Top tax tips for freelancers

So you’ve taken the plunge and you’re self-employed. Make sure you’re tax savvy and that you consider the following seven top tax tips. Remember we all have to pay tax but we don’t need to tip HMRC. Get organised so that you know when you have to pay tax and how much you will need to set aside. Also make sure that you take full advantage of all the...
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How to manage a successful thought leadership campaign

‘Thought leadership’ is becoming a subject of increasing popularity in business-to-business sales and marketing campaigns, as tough economic conditions drive increased competition for every piece of business. Organisations are now under pressure to differentiate themselves as more than ‘just a supplier’ and contribute opinions and insight on the issues...
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Q&A: Andy Evans - Your Deal Daily

At only 21, there is no doubt that Andy Evans is a very young entrepreneur with big ambitions; however, his experiences and success are more than most people double his age can boast about. At just 13 years old, Evans was running his regular discos and, by the age of 14, he had begun his own web design business, which has subsequently grown from strength...
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Case study: Every saved penny counts for businesses says SMEDiscounts

Former chartered accountant Andries Smit has always had an eye for a good business model. He started his first business age 14 and has since started 15 more, in sectors as broad as retail, consultancy, training, property, accountancy, investing and ecommerce.
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Starting a florist

Floristry businesses are popular due to the number of potential revenue streams, including weddings and special occasions. However, the marketplace is very competitive due to an increasing number of small and big players. Our guide tells you the information you need to know before starting your own florist.

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How to start a carpentry and joinery business

There are some professions that it seems will never see a drop in demand. Carpenters and joiners are among those and anyone with skills in this area who might be thinking of starting their own business could do far worse than putting those valuable skills to use. Starting a home-based carpentry business can be an appealing option with low overhead, no shortage of work and low stress.

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Using contracts and negotiation to resolve disputes

With no sign of a serious upturn in the UK economy any time soon, freelance businesses are bearing the brunt of late payment and ‘sharp practice’. But by understanding basic contract law and developing your negotiation skills, you can resolve most disputes quickly and to your advantage. Dave Chaplin, CEO of ContractorCalculator and author of the bestselling Contractors’ Handbook, outlines strategies you can adopt to prevent your challenges escalating into crises.

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How to do business in... the UAE

The UAE is generally viewed as a very rich country thanks to its oil reserves, and rightly so – it was ranked as the world’s sixth-richest country by the International Monetary Fund in 2010. Its residents have the highest average income in the world, with over 50 percent of this wealth coming from the capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi. 

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Q&A: Jonathan Hey - Westbury Garden Rooms

Jonathan Hey is Managing Director of Westbury Garden Rooms, an established company that designs and creates bespoke garden rooms for consumers and businesses. In this interview Jonathan tells us about his company and gives us the low down on how established firms can remain innovative and become more sustainable.

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    Entrepreneurs at DreamLaunch on December 1 2011 tell the best ways to go about launching a business.
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    Case study: Every saved penny counts for businesses says SMEDiscounts

    Former chartered accountant Andries Smit has always had an eye for a good business model. He started his first business age 14 and has since started 1...
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    Case study: How business school and friendship were the making of

    When Daniel Callaghan arrived at IESE business school at the University of Navarra in 2007, he never dreamed that two years later his business plan would...
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    Case study: eCommerce helps Truffle Shuffle take on the retro t-shirt market

    Vintage T-shirt vendor Truffle Shuffle started trading in 2004 and has grown to be a significant player in the retro t-shirt market. They implemented mobile...
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    What has been your biggest PR success to date?

    Outstanding Branding is a UK independent distributor of promotional merchandise, corporate giveaways and branded clothing. Based near London Bridge...
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    Late payment – how businesses can avoid the cash flow hole

    Once again late payments are making the headlines. As politicians and journalists come forward to identify small and growing businesses as an integral...