20 top UK based business blogs

As the visibility of business blogs online continues to expand further and further; identifying those that offer the expert points of view most relevant to your business and industry has become an increasingly time-consuming task. We’ve hand-picked 20 of UK’s best blogs to help you uncover the information and advice that is of most value to your business...
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The importance of motivation in a sales environment

Whether outsourced, or in-house, a solid sales force can put a company on the map. By working together to increase brand awareness and drive sales forward, the sales team can exponentially grow revenue and play a crucial role in ensuring a business’ success.
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Q&A: Gary Martin - Table Art

Gary Martin has extensive professional experience within the events industry, beginning work as a DJ in 1981. Eight years later, Gary set up his own company, Zap, which provided DJs for events across the UK. After establishing himself as a successful supplier of DJs to the corporate events market, Gary then began to build props and themed items to...
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Case study: Pink-tiger aims to perk up the wilder side of life

It’s a market that’s traditionally found behind blanked out shop fronts in the seedier parts of Soho but one company has re-imagined the image of suppliers of adult goods and lingerie and is confident that its ‘by women for women’ approach will be a sure-fire winner for those looking to spice up their love lives.
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How to launch a Business

Entrepreneurs at DreamLaunch on December 1 2011 tell inspiresme.co.uk the best ways to go about launching a business.
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Guide to leased lines

Leased lines offer a dedicated, high-performance alternative to standard broadband lines. These robust connections to the internet are rented from a specialist provider, typically on an annual basis, and offer a host of benefits that help deliver outstanding speed and performance to businesses.

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How to do business in... China

China is home to 1.3 billion people, and is now the second-largest economy in the world, as well as the world’s fastest-growing economy. It is still considered a developing nation, and the style of business in China is extremely different to in the UK.

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Q&A: Andrea McDowell - Shoot it Yourself

Andrea McDowell, is the founder and managing director of Shoot it Yourself (SIY). Andrea set up Shoot It Yourself in 2009, having worked in television for a variety of independent production companies as a Director.

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Simple tips for buying business travel better

For the majority of SMEs, buying business travel often finds itself at the bottom of the to-do list. Due to time constraints on smaller companies, regularly there is no structure or policy in place and is frequently an impulsive purchase. If an employee needs to take a trip, the common practice is to simply head online and search for the best flight and a suitable hotel. The general consensus being, it’s cheaper than having a dedicated travel manager, and most manage to book personal holidays just fine.

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Becoming self-employed at 50+

In recent weeks the growth in younger entrepreneurs, particularly amongst those aged 18 to 24, has been making headlines – but entrepreneurship is also an option for older workers, particularly in the current job market

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  • Starting up

    Case study: Freespeed meets a growing need with experience and passion

    In London, one startup is successfully using state-of-the-art technology to fine-tune the performance of elite cyclists. Here Richard Melik, owner of Freespeed...
  • Finance

    Case study: Every saved penny counts for businesses says SMEDiscounts

    Former chartered accountant Andries Smit has always had an eye for a good business model. He started his first business age 14 and has since started 1...
  • Staff and HR

    How to motivate staff

    You’re starting your business and you’re heading for great things. However, despite the great commercial ideas and robust financial backing, your staff...
  • Technology

    Guide to VoIP

    VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol – allows broadband users to access telephony services over their standard internet connection. Corporate uptake is...
  • Marketing

    What has been your biggest PR success to date?

    Outstanding Branding is a UK independent distributor of promotional merchandise, corporate giveaways and branded clothing. Based near London Bridge...
  • Accounting

    Calculating tax for limited companies

    As legal entities, limited companies are subject to strict taxation requirements. These requirements can be very complex; whilst it’s possible to file...