Starting a hairdressers

Setting up a hairdressing business is an extremely popular choice due to the possibilities for creative expression, unique selling points, expanded services and wide market. Salons are also known for being recession-proof, perfect if you want to ensure revenue streams are sustainable.
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What makes an effective logo?

Logos can be worth their weight in gold, revealing a company’s brand and values instantly. Yet for all the great logos you see, there are hundreds of bad ones. Making sure your logo ticks all the boxes can really set your business apart from the rest.
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Q&A: Clippy McKenna - Clippy’s

Clippy McKenna is the 38 year old founder of Clippy’s, one of the UK’s fastest growing food brands. Clippy's currently supplies over 1,400 UK supermarkets including Tesco, Morrison’s, Asda, E.H.Booths, John Lewis, Harvey Nichols, Fortnum & Mason and Ocado. The company offers a range of British apple based jellies, conserves, chutneys and relishes. In...
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Case study: Rockstar Youth guides young entrepreneurs down the path to success

In London, one company takes mentoring very seriously indeed. The recently founded Rockstar Youth aims to fast-track young entrepreneurs to success by providing targeted and results-driven mentoring to make their businesses attractive to investors. Co-founders Jonathan Pfahl and Sean Hamilton recently talked to about the company, and...
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The importance of a target customer and how they change over time

Listen to small and medium sized businesses explain the importance of understanding your target customer and how this person changes over time.
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ANALYSIS: How social media can damage brands

"Your brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room" is a quote attributed to Jeff Bezos, founder of
Traditionally companies have been able to control their brand message, by and large, through their communications and actions. But, as Bezos says, things have changed and brands, in effect, are now what people say about them...

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Choosing the right business bank account

Choosing the right business bank account is essential. Bank accounts differ in the facilities offered, borrowing costs and your relationship with the institution. Make the right decision and your account will serve you well as you grow and grow.

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How Managed Print Services drive efficiencies for SMEs

With economic conditions still uncertain and the prospect of a double-dip recession looming, SMEs need to make sure that they are doing everything they can today to protect themselves and provide a firm foundation for future growth. One of the key aspects of this will inevitably be a tighter focus on cost control and one of the most effective ways in which small businesses can achieve this is by adopting a smarter approach to business printing.

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A guide to stress management

Many people confuse pressure and stress, mistakenly believing them to be the same thing. All individuals need an element of pressure in their lives if they are to reach their optimum performance level, but if a manager or indeed an employee (stress can affect anyone) perceives they cannot cope with the pressures they are faced with it is likely they will experience stress. So what can managers and their employers do to make sure that this doesn’t occur? Amy Paxton, Senior Employment Consultant at Croner, tells us more.

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How to implement an email marketing campaign

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing; successful campaigns can yield a high ROI as their overheads are not significant. However, email marketing is notoriously difficult to get right. With so many email messages arriving daily it can be hard to get yours read and acted upon, and there’s also the danger of being seen as ‘spammy,’ which can seriously affect your reputation.

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    Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is an umbrella term given to related disorders affecting limbs due repeated gestures, awkward or inappropriate grips and...
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    Case study: Pint Drop makes buying drinks for others easier, helps pub and bar industry

    The Pint Drop 'Text Your Friends a Drink’ service is the brainchild of entrepreneur William Steward. The pioneering gifting service allows people to buy...
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    Setting up in business and getting your company’s finances in order

    Setting up your own business is easy in some ways (announce you’re in business and, well, you are!) and really quite challenging in others. Finance is...