Starting a recording studio business

Chris Hughes from Oscillate Studio takes us through what’s needed to set up a successful recording studio and sound engineering business. Chris set up his own recording and production studio in Manchester 18 months ago but has been a self-employed sound engineer and producer for eight years.
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How to choose an effective domain name

Domain names are the Internet equivalent of real-world property. They represent your business and brand; they’re often the first taste consumers will get of you. Choosing the right one is essential to help you build authority and create a valuable online presence for your business.
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Q&A: Adam Soliman - Charbrew

Building a fledgling tea business from his parents’ house was a far cry from 21 year old Adam Soliman’s dream of the City trading floor. But, just two years after graduating in the thick of the worst recession in a generation, the young entrepreneur now heads one of the UK’s fastest-growing speciality tea brands worth over £1 million.
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Case study: Yellow Cat Recruitment deals with a square peg and a round hole

Finding a unique selling point can be hard, especially when your business operates in a very busy sector. Jonny Breeze found that having a unique selling point and strong team of staff helped his company, Yellow Cat Recruitment, to survive the recession – and become even stronger.
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Design through Innovation

Design Connection - design led innovation specialist event & presentation at Westbourne Studios, London.
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Q&A: Geoff Sewell - Incognito Artists

Geoff Sewell is a qualified chartered accountant, trained professional tenor, entrepreneur, multi-platinum selling recording artist and the global CEO of entertainment company Incognito Artists.

Sewell founded Incognito Artists, an innovative entertainment concept that centres around highly creative ‘surprise’ performances, just over ten years ago. He has also recently founded his own record label, Sewell Music.

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OPINION: The F-commerce myth - addressing the hype behind selling on Facebook

At the current time (April 26) Facebook, the most visited website on the internet, is deep into preparations for its expected $100 billion Initial Public Offering (IPO). That may seem like a lot of money, but all the indications are that the public simply can’t get enough of this site. To put this into perspective, Facebook wins one in every five internet page views. Even more astoundingly, the average visit lasts 20 minutes. The truth is many people simply don't leave this walled garden; meaning that Facebook really IS the internet for millions of people.

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How to apply for a business bank loan

This guide gives you the lowdown on what to expect when applying for a business bank loan. It starts with the preparation stage to ensure you’re fully prepared to walk into a bank and impress the bank manager so much that your application succeeds and you receive the capital required.

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Applying for a Government grant

Government grants are growing in popularity; with funding available for a range of projects and in different geographic areas, small businesses no longer have to feel limited by traditional ways of raising capital. Applying for a Government grant is easy and can be very cost-effective.

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How to protect your business data

Protecting your business data is absolutely essential; with most information now stored digitally the loss of all or part of your data can destroy a business. Online threats are also considerable, making an integrated security plan essential.

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