Guide to becoming a private tutor

“Knowledge is power” – so go the oft-quoted words of Sir Francis Bacon. Therefore, the logical conclusion is that those who impart knowledge are the most powerful of all. We all remember our favourite – and arguably most effective – teachers at school and remember them with fondness and how they were able to shape our future selves.
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Creating a Unique Selling Point (USP)

Successful businesses typically have a very distinct competitive advantage, a reason why customers choose their products and services over those of a competitor. This is known as a unique selling point (USP). If you’re serious about gaining a significant slice of your market, developing a unique selling point is an essential step.
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Q&A: Fraser Doherty - SuperJam

Fraser Doherty is the founder of SuperJam, a company that uses traditional recipes to create a range of 100% pure fruit jams, which are sweetened with grape juice and made using superfruits such as blueberries and cranberries. The company has won a number of awards, supplies major UK supermarkets and is now included in a museum exhibit as an example...
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Case study: starting up overnight at 3Objectives

Paul Downes worked for photography studio Barrett and Barclay for eight years before the company went into administration and he, Aneta Swoboda and Daniel Schweitzer, formed 3Objectives from the remnants of the company – in just 36 hours.
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Best advice you've ever been given?

Entrepreneurs tell us what the best advice they've ever been given is.
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How to do business in... Japan

Despite being a relatively small country, Japan is one of the world’s largest economic powers. It is also considered one of the most technically innovative countries around the globe, being particularly strong in scientific research areas such as machinery and biomedicine. 

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EVENT COVERAGE: SES Conference & Expo London

On February 25 2012, London played host to the SES Conference & Expo, a global event dedicated to all aspects of the search marketing and social media industry. SES was in London as part of a worldwide tour of major cities, and featured a wide range of industry experts who spoke on topics including search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC) and online link building.

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How to make the most of networking events

Whether you are just starting out in business or have already established yourself within your field, business networking events are a great way to boost your reputation and enhance your presence to a wider audience.

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How to do business in... China

China is home to 1.3 billion people, and is now the second-largest economy in the world, as well as the world’s fastest-growing economy. It is still considered a developing nation, and the style of business in China is extremely different to in the UK.

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How to open a butcher's shop

Butcher’s shops are an institution, providing fine cuts of meat and an expert service. While supermarket deli counters have eaten into the market in recent years, butcher’s shops are still popular among loyal customers that value the traditional experience. Passion and knowledge are key to being a successful butcher, along with sound business sense and dedication to creating a brand based on fundamental principles.

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  • Starting up

    Starting a light engineering company

    Light engineering is an important industrial sub-industry and provides services to a huge range of sectors including power, consumer goods and manufacturing...
  • Finance

    Guide to equity finance

    Private equity provides businesses with finance in exchange for a proportion of the business, most often in the form of shares. It is a popular method...
  • Staff and HR

    Case study: hiring the correct staff to create the right experience with TenPilates

    From a car crash, to physiotherapy, to starting a business – all in the space of a year. Perhaps not the path taken by most entrepreneurs, but that’s how...
  • Technology

    Investing in new technology - right for my business?

    We all know that if you keep doing the same things you generally get the same results. Similarly, if you keep doing the same thing in an ever-changing...
  • Marketing

    How to manage a successful thought leadership campaign

    ‘Thought leadership’ is becoming a subject of increasing popularity in business-to-business sales and marketing campaigns, as tough economic conditions...
  • Accounting

    Top Tips for Improving Your Cash Flow

    In the current economic environment with many companies in financial turmoil, having to cope with budget cuts and austerity measures, a good cash flow...