Eight top tips to help you break into the creative sector

Opportunities in the creative sector are broad but it's a very competitive market. These top tips will help you develop the skills and attitude necessary to break into, and succeed within, the creative sector.
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How to write a marketing plan

While marketing should not be expected to guarantee sales, it is essential to business success as it will increase awareness of your business and help to create long-term relationships with customers.
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Q&A: Emma Walker - Enterprise Days

Since participating in the first series of Junior Apprentice, Emma Walker has embarked on her own business venture called Enterprise Days -providing inspirational and educational one day business challenges within schools. Emma talks to inspiresme.co.uk about life as a young entrepreneur and why children should be learning more about business.
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Case study: Climatecars uses green options to fuel success

Green issues have become a hot topic in recent years and, as such, a number of environmentally friendly business start-ups have appeared, with varying degrees of success. Climatecars is one of the more successful examples due to their innovative use of hybrid technology to provide a taxi service.
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The importance of a target customer and how they change over time

Listen to small and medium sized businesses explain the importance of understanding your target customer and how this person changes over time.
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Using YouTube as a marketing channel

YouTube is the world’s biggest online video sharing site, offering millions of videos on an enormous range of topics. Whilst not a traditional marketing platform, businesses of all sizes can achieve significant success using focused videos to enhance brand awareness.

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Understanding investors and funding

Commentators, politicians and professional advisers often apply labels to different types of investor: angels, VCs and private equity. The purpose of this article is to set out in simple terms the cast of potential investors and to explain the meaning and relevance of various commonly used jargon.

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Implementing a dress code policy

Dress codes are popular policies throughout the business world and can be found within companies of all sizes. They codify precisely what is expected of employees with regard to attire and personal appearance. There are pros and cons – consider these before you decide to go ahead.

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OPINION: The Golden Age – starting a business in your fifties

The most recent recession has pushed many people into self-employment and a significant social group that have led the way in this field are the over fifties. So why is this age group choosing self-employment, why are they likely to succeed and if you are one of the growing number in this group, what essential aspects to running your own business should you consider?

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Q&A: Raspinder Singh - Gradpreneur

Recently graduated from Royal Holloway University of London with a degree in Management with Accounting and Finance, Raspinder Singh discovered that his passion lies in business, and ensuring others realise what their true capabilities are. With this in mind, he created Gradpreneur and hopes that many will find it useful and see entrepreneurship as a viable career path. He is passionate about technology and all things online. He is proud of his Sikh heritage and strong family unity, which have given him the support to do what he loves. 

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