Six reasons why Britain’s young entrepreneurs will succeed

Britain’s youngest are filled with a passion for success in business and there are a distinct crop of younger business people leading the way in success and innovation. Despite the taxing economic conditions of the global downturn, there are plenty of reasons to be cheerful, as our young business leaders find new and intriguing ways to beat the financial...
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EVENT COVERAGE: Start-Up Masterclass @ University Campus Suffolk

There was a buzz of entrepreneurial spirit in Suffolk with the first of a series of Start-Up Masterclass, at which successful entrepreneurs offer advice on various topics to attendees, usually those who are starting new businesses.
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Q&A: Paul Blanchard - Right Angles

Paul Blanchard is the founder of Right Angles, an innovative PR consultancy that aims to do things differently. The company boasts an impressive roster, including Compassion in World Farming, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Aviva and the ACCA. caught up with Paul about his company, the public relations industry, and how small companies can...
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Case study: Denise Proctor uses her drive and experience to create The Baby Loft

The Baby Loft is an online baby rental equipment service that offers parents a range of products for all stages of their baby’s life. Founder Denise Proctor, 36, talks to inspiresme about the birth of her idea and the challenges of being a Mumpreneur.
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How to launch a Business

Entrepreneurs at DreamLaunch on December 1 2011 tell the best ways to go about launching a business.
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Choosing computer monitors for employees

In today’s world, many businesses are very reliant on technology. Employees will use computer screens for many hours; choosing the right monitors is important to keeping staff happy and maintaining high levels of productivity and output.

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Starting a dog walking business

We might be a nation of dog lovers but people’s increasingly busy lifestyles mean that they often just don’t have the time to take their best pooch friends out for walks. If you’re good with animals and enjoy spending time outdoors then starting a dog walking business could allow you to turn your passion for pooches into a serious moneymaker.

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Using collaborative tools to aid flexible working

The term ‘collaboration’ has been used in the world of business for many years, but more recently its use and meaning have evolved. We are now seeing more individuals and organisations using the word collaboration to encompass a wide range of meeting methods, whether it is a face-to-face, a telephone call or a virtual conference. This shift in definition is a direct result, and reflection, of the evolution in how we work.

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Starting an internet café

There are very few services as popular as the internet. Historically, internet cafes have thrived as people looked to explore the World Wide Web. Nowadays, home internet connections are extremely common, making the need for internet cafés far smaller.

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Growing Pains: How to spot the signs you're outgrowing your small business processes

Having the right systems and processes in place is crucial to the success of any growing business - but in the early days small business managers often respond to the array of new tasks or challenges they are faced with on an adhoc basis, to ‘get the job done’.

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  • Starting up

    Do you have a favourite quote about business?

    Listen to a diverse range of successful small businesses let you know what quotes have inspired them to aim higher and work harder.
  • Finance

    Case study: Every saved penny counts for businesses says SMEDiscounts

    Former chartered accountant Andries Smit has always had an eye for a good business model. He started his first business age 14 and has since started 1...
  • Staff and HR

    Toastmaster experience gave a much-needed boost to confidence

    Shyness can hold you back in business. Networking events, meetings, public speaking opportunities – all these are great ways to promote your business and...
  • Technology

    Cloud computing for new and growing businesses

    2011 is set to be the year cloud computing really goes mainstream, as more and more businesses and individuals embrace this key technology trend. Analyst...
  • Marketing

    Case study: Cassius Management punching above its weight

    Philip Ercolano certainly showed early potential for success. In 1999, at the tender age of 17, he was signed by talent supremo Simon Fuller, the man behind...
  • Accounting

    How much should I pay myself?

    When someone is running their own business and eventually the business is generating enough money for the owner to be able to draw a salary, a dilemma...