How to set up a partnership

Partnerships allow two or more people to structure their business operation without incorporating – partnerships are not legal entities and can’t own assets, meaning partners have unlimited liability for company debts.
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Top 10 most common PR mistakes

The media can be an invaluable tool for publicity, building awareness and communicating your key messages, but if your PR isn’t up to scratch you won’t get any positive coverage and thus no return on your investment.
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Q&A: Dave Kelly - Storm Consultancy

Dave Kelly is one of UK’s new breed of internet entrepreneurs. At 24, he runs an award winning Web Design & Development agency, Storm, in the beautiful city of Bath. Over the past two years, Storm has grown its client base to include some of the world's best known gaming and sporting names.
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Case study: 8th Day Adventure turning free time into a commercially successful business

As a fan of adventure sports, London PR consultant Ross Williams was finding spare time to indulge his passion for thrill-seeking increasingly difficult to come by. Long working hours coupled with extensive travelling times meant co-ordinating action-packed weekends amongst his group of friends was becoming more and more problematic. Williams began...
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How to launch a Business

Entrepreneurs at DreamLaunch on December 1 2011 tell the best ways to go about launching a business.
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How to do business in… Norway

Officially known as the Kingdom of Norway, Norway has a population of 4.9 million and is the world’s largest exporter of oil and natural gas outside of the Middle East. It is known for its commitment to social welfare and offers universal health care, subsidised higher education and a comprehensive social security system. The country has historically been heavily involved with international development, and has the world’s second-highest GDP per-capita (after Luxembourg).

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Starting a graphic design business

Graphic design is a fast-paced industry that can offer up exciting jobs and conceptual projects for business owners. The market is saturated but there are big rewards for firms that stand out.

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Starting a van rental company

A van rental company hires out commercial vehicles to both businesses and private individuals in return for a set rental fee. The van rental market is highly competitive and success is very much dependant on scale and utilisation of vehicles, however there is a big market for this much needed service and there is the potential to expand into other rental markets.

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Common training and development mistakes made by entrepreneurs

Training and development is an essential part of human resources policy but the significant benefits possible can be lost if training is not delivered in the most efficient way.

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Starting a restaurant

Changing lifestyles has increased the attractiveness of food outlets in the 21st century. The restaurant market is incredibly diverse with ample opportunity for the personal touch. In recent years many entrepreneurs have entered the restaurant market looking to offer customers something a little bit different.

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