Starting a web design company

With everyone from entrepreneurs to small businesses and individuals looking to start an online presence, there's a substantial potential client base for web design firms. And a rapidly diversifying market, for example into search engine optimisation, provides the potential for additional revenue streams.
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Corporate literature is dead… or is it?

Brochures, leaflets, flyers and all that; why bother? In this day and age, these things are dead, right? Social media, mobile marketing, blogging, text messaging and all the other modern stuff has killed it, right?
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Q&A: Jeremy Jaffé - What on Earth

Jeremy Jaffé, co-founder and director of What on Earth, talks to about how he set up the company, which produces, supplies and distributes a wide range of organic food to businesses.
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Toastmaster experience gave a much-needed boost to confidence

Shyness can hold you back in business. Networking events, meetings, public speaking opportunities – all these are great ways to promote your business and painful experiences if you are very shy.
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What advice would you give to an entrepreneur starting their first business?

If you're about to start your own business or are in the process of doing so, these top tips from successful small businesses will help you ensure you're on track at all times.
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Q&A: Rob Wicker - Swiftflow

London-based property maintenance service Swiftflow was founded in 2002 by entrepreneurs and long-standing friends Rob Wicker (Operations Director) and Graham Williams (Technical Director). Swiftflow’s team of engineers service residential, commercial and industrial properties. The company works in a number of areas including carpentry, plumbing, locksmith and drainage services.

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Getting over the blue screen blues

Does your server crash on a weekly basis? Do your PCs switch themselves off for no apparent reason? Do your files and emails frequently disappear into the ether? Is the IT guy getting fed up of the sight of you?

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Can a blog build your business?

CEOs and small business owners are blogging more now than ever before. But is this really the way to seek out and engage with that core of loyal customers who will spend their hard earned money with you no matter what your baying competitors lay before them? Or is it just another way to fruitlessly flitter away your precious time?

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Starting a newsagents

Newsagents provide many of life’s daily essentials, offering up a massive market to budding entrepreneurs looking to turn a profit.

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Guide to virtual offices

Virtual offices allow companies to establish a professional and reputable real-world presence without the high costs of renting and staffing commercial property.

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    Getting over the blue screen blues

    Does your server crash on a weekly basis? Do your PCs switch themselves off for no apparent reason? Do your files and emails frequently disappear into...
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