Setting up a private limited company

Private limited companies are one of the most popular business structures in the UK today. There are numerous benefits, including favourable tax positions and reduced liability. Best of all; setting one up is easier than ever before.
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How to make a confident presentation

With around 30 million PowerPoint presentations being made worldwide every single day, they are unequivocally a major tool in the communication process. But presenting goes far beyond the actual presentation and the allocated time for this. Discover how you can use ‘extra time’ to influence your audience and how to ensure you make the right impression...
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Q&A: Archie Archer - Contraband International Ltd

Contraband International Ltd started life when Archie Archer sold all her worldly possessions on a market stall in 1995 and flew to India with an empty rucksack and a £1,000 to set up a company. From a Prince's Trust loan to Shell Livewire Regional Finalist 1997 and NatWest Everywoman Athena Winner in 2011, Archer has grown the business from a market...
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Case study: eCommerce helps Truffle Shuffle take on the retro t-shirt market

Vintage T-shirt vendor Truffle Shuffle started trading in 2004 and has grown to be a significant player in the retro t-shirt market. They implemented mobile payments just over a year ago with help from a graduate web developer for the grand total of £200. Now, their mobile customers’ conversion rates have increased five-fold and resulting revenue has...
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What has been your biggest PR success to date?

Outstanding Branding is a UK independent distributor of promotional merchandise, corporate giveaways and branded clothing. Based near London Bridge, the company sources creative corporate giveaways for ad hoc requirements, as well as managing and distributing branded merchandise schemes on behalf of clients.
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OPINION: Cuts to health and safety – a risk too far?

Prime Minister David Cameron recently commented that he wants to "kill off the health and safety culture for good" in 2012, in order to help reduce costs for UK organisations.

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How to implement an email marketing campaign

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing; successful campaigns can yield a high ROI as their overheads are not significant. However, email marketing is notoriously difficult to get right. With so many email messages arriving daily it can be hard to get yours read and acted upon, and there’s also the danger of being seen as ‘spammy,’ which can seriously affect your reputation.

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OPINION: Imitation - the sincerest form of flattery

Breach of Intellectual Copyright is a serious matter when large amounts of cash are put into creating and protecting a business' online presence. Owner of Carbon Voyage, James Swanston, explains what happens when he discovered word-for-word duplication of his website.

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Starting a graphic design business

Graphic design is a fast-paced industry that can offer up exciting jobs and conceptual projects for business owners. The market is saturated but there are big rewards for firms that stand out.

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How to... Get Ahead of the London 2012 Games

London is less than six months away from hosting the biggest sporting event in the world. The Olympic and Paralympic Games, which run from July 27 - August 12 and August 29 - September 9 respectively, will attract nearly 15,000 athletes, 11 million spectators, 4,000 technical officials, and more than 20,000 media.

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  • Starting up

    How to start a café business

    Starting a café is a popular choice among new entrepreneurs and can be a profitable and rewarding business to run. If you’re a ‘people person’ and enjoy...
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    Case study: Every saved penny counts for businesses says SMEDiscounts

    Former chartered accountant Andries Smit has always had an eye for a good business model. He started his first business age 14 and has since started 1...
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    Toastmaster experience gave a much-needed boost to confidence

    Shyness can hold you back in business. Networking events, meetings, public speaking opportunities – all these are great ways to promote your business and...
  • Technology

    Case study: eCommerce helps Truffle Shuffle take on the retro t-shirt market

    Vintage T-shirt vendor Truffle Shuffle started trading in 2004 and has grown to be a significant player in the retro t-shirt market. They implemented mobile...
  • Marketing

    Case study: creating the perfect evening out with designmynight

    Nick and Andrew are the founders of designmynight, a website that allows people across London to discover the best clubs, restaurants and bars based around...
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    How SMEs can save money and manage cash flow

    There’s never a time when a business shouldn’t seek value for money, but when economic conditions are uncertain and consumer confidence is low, it’s more...