How to start a coffee shop

Starting a coffee shop requires a passion for great coffee – this trickles down to all aspects of the business and helps create a rich and exciting atmosphere for customers to enjoy. While there is plenty of competition from larger brands, and from other independent shops, the market is large and there is space, specifically for specialist or niche...
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EVENT COVERAGE: DreamStake - The Pivot Party

On Thursday 22nd March, DreamStake announced that their online platform was going to evolve. Since its inception, DreamStake has been a social networking platform for small businesses and startups. On Thursday, its creator Paul Dowling announced that DreamStake was going to ‘pivot,’ drawing on the terminology of lean startup guru Eric Reis who recommends...
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Q&A: Raspinder Singh - Gradpreneur

Recently graduated from Royal Holloway University of London with a degree in Management with Accounting and Finance, Raspinder Singh discovered that his passion lies in business, and ensuring others realise what their true capabilities are. With this in mind, he created Gradpreneur and hopes that many will find it useful and see entrepreneurship as...
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Case study: Beanie's Health Foods imports meat-free products to Britain

Lisa Drummy is a director of Beanie’s Health Foods – for the last 10 years she has been importing and distributing Fry’s Vegetarian Foods with her business partner (and Dad!) Patrick Drummy. They started Beanie’s on an impulse when they discovered that Fry’s in South Africa were looking for someone to import Fry’s Vegetarian Foods into the UK.
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What has been your biggest PR success to date?

Outstanding Branding is a UK independent distributor of promotional merchandise, corporate giveaways and branded clothing. Based near London Bridge, the company sources creative corporate giveaways for ad hoc requirements, as well as managing and distributing branded merchandise schemes on behalf of clients.
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How to write a killer business plan

Writing a business plan is a much talked about vital step in setting up a business and yet surprisingly, many entrepreneurs skip this phase. The reasons for this are many - the thought of writing a plan can seem too daunting and complex for some or too time consuming when there are other pressing tasks to undertake. Others don’t want to put their ideas onto paper – to be knocked down by others.

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Q&A: John Sollars -

John Sollars is celebrating 10 years of selling online in April 2012. His company, The company has gone from being victim of an online fraud that lost it £32,000 to being a business turns over £3m and employs 14 staff.

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How to start a market stall

Market stalls offer a range of benefits to owners, including an outdoor working environment and the ability to be your own boss. Markets and car boot sales generally have relaxed, natural working environments which can help keep you stress-free. If you’re thinking of setting up a market stall, this guide will help you get to grips with what’s required to succeed in this traditional business area.

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Q&A: Archie Archer - Contraband International Ltd

Contraband International Ltd started life when Archie Archer sold all her worldly possessions on a market stall in 1995 and flew to India with an empty rucksack and a £1,000 to set up a company. From a Prince's Trust loan to Shell Livewire Regional Finalist 1997 and NatWest Everywoman Athena Winner in 2011, Archer has grown the business from a market stall to manufacturer, importer / exporter and online mail order company to its current status as a global entertainment agency.

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OPINION: Making time for business planning

One of the big reasons entrepreneurs and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) give when asked why they do not have a business plan, is that they do not have the time. ‘Not having the time’ is of course a convenient excuse. We can all relate to the time pressures that entrepreneurs and SMEs face. What they really mean is that they do not believe business planning is as important as some of the other things they need to get done.

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    How to launch a Business

    Entrepreneurs at DreamLaunch on December 1 2011 tell the best ways to go about launching a business.
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    CAMPARI: preparing a business bank loan application

    For many entrepreneurs and small businesses, bank loans are an important source of funding, whether to fulfil orders, employ staff or finance patent protection...
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    Case study: hiring the correct staff to create the right experience with TenPilates

    From a car crash, to physiotherapy, to starting a business – all in the space of a year. Perhaps not the path taken by most entrepreneurs, but that’s how...
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    Choosing a business broadband connection

    Most businesses these days require an internet connection in order to function effectively, and that connection will typically be a broadband service offered...
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    How to start an online blog

    An online blog is a portal that allows individuals and businesses to submit online newsletters, journals or diaries intended for private or public consumption...
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    Understanding your accounts: the profit and loss account

    The profit and loss account forms part of a business’ financial statements. It summarises the trading results of a business over a period of time (typically...