How to start a jewellery design business

If you’re a creative person with a talent for design then starting your own jewellery design business could allow you to turn your passion into profit. Despite the recession, which was hit the jewellery market hard, if you take the right approach there is still money to be made.
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EVENT COVERAGE: Email & Social Media Marketing for SMEs

Social media and email marketing are important, modern methods of engaging with current and potential customers, but developing an effective campaign can be difficult, and there are pitfalls. This event, organised by email marketing firm iContact, aimed tell SMEs exactly how they should approach these two important avenues.
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Q&A: John Turner - Metathink

John Turner is a freelance business philosopher. Through his company, he works with a diverse range of organisations to help them develop coherent business philosophy using workshops and training. One of the areas John specialises in is networking, and how to extract the most value from networking environments using frameworks based...
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Toastmaster experience gave a much-needed boost to confidence

Shyness can hold you back in business. Networking events, meetings, public speaking opportunities – all these are great ways to promote your business and painful experiences if you are very shy.
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Starting a removals company

Removals companies offer entrepreneurs significant growth opportunities and the chance to offer related services. Low start-up costs appeal to first-time business owners.

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Why small businesses needn’t fear cloud computing

Cloud computing has been an IT buzz word for many years and its benefits discussed at length, however, small and medium companies (SMEs) in the UK appear to be lagging behind their European counterparts in terms of adoption. Many are failing to embrace cloud technology, despite the much talked about benefits ranging from reduced IT costs to improved efficiencies. David Sturges, CEO of WorkPlaceLive, discusses why they needn’t fear ‘the cloud’.

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Make better book-keeping your New Year’s resolution

The January bookkeeping blues are looming, as small business owners across the UK are crunching the numbers and getting their books in shape to submit tax returns by January 31. This is the deadline for online submission of Self Assessment tax returns. Those New Years Eve revellers who don’t meet the deadline could be slammed with a fixed fine from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), of £100, for being just one day late. Diana Flier, senior compliance analyst, Intuit UK, examines the risks.

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Starting a graphic design business

Graphic design is a fast-paced industry that can offer up exciting jobs and conceptual projects for business owners. The market is saturated but there are big rewards for firms that stand out.

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Six reasons why new businesses fail

There’s an old saying in business: “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. This may sound trite but it’s a good mantra to introduce into any entrepreneurial endeavour. Plan and plan again before execution and you won’t go too far wrong.

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  • Starting up

    How to launch a Business

    Entrepreneurs at DreamLaunch on December 1 2011 tell the best ways to go about launching a business.
  • Finance

    CAMPARI: preparing a business bank loan application

    For many entrepreneurs and small businesses, bank loans are an important source of funding, whether to fulfil orders, employ staff or finance patent protection...
  • Staff and HR

    Case study: hiring the correct staff to create the right experience with TenPilates

    From a car crash, to physiotherapy, to starting a business – all in the space of a year. Perhaps not the path taken by most entrepreneurs, but that’s how...
  • Technology

    Case study: eCommerce helps Truffle Shuffle take on the retro t-shirt market

    Vintage T-shirt vendor Truffle Shuffle started trading in 2004 and has grown to be a significant player in the retro t-shirt market. They implemented mobile...
  • Marketing

    Brand Protection – The dangers and what you should be doing to protect your brand

    In the online world, protecting your brand has never been more important than it is today and as such, this should be one of the top priorities for any...
  • Accounting

    Calculating tax for limited companies

    As legal entities, limited companies are subject to strict taxation requirements. These requirements can be very complex; whilst it’s possible to file...