How to start a charity

It’s great news if you’re thinking of starting a charity – they are the driving force behind much of the positive social change that occurs throughout the world. Rules surrounding the establishment of charities are strict because registered charities gain benefits, such as tax breaks, to help them pursue their causes. This article helps you to understand...
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How to write a blog

Blogs offer businesses the chance to directly engage with their audience on a range of industry topics. If your business has just started a blog and you’re unsure what to put on there or how to write the ideal piece, read on. Writing a blog is as much art as science – if you understand exactly what you’re trying to achieve with each blog post then you...
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Q&A: Arnold du Toit - Drive Daddy Ltd

Arnold du Toit transformed his passion for golf into a business, founding Drive Daddy with the help of the ‘Enterprise Associate Scheme’ offered exclusively at London South Bank University. Arnold started the company when he was just 21 years old during his final year of studies at the university. In November, 2011 he was named as the winner of...
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Case study: accounting with a twist at Mazuma Money

Mazuma Money is an innovative accounting company that successfully rode the economic downturn and now boasts several offices across the UK, from which the company offers a range of services to clients. finds out more about what makes Mazuma Money unique from founders Sophie Hughes and Lucy Cohen.
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How to do business in... Egypt

Egypt is a country that is both secular and religious, with companies falling under either Shari’a or standard Egyptian law according to whether they are Islamic or not. After Egypt became an independent country, its businesses were often state-controlled. However, since the 1980s businesses have become more independent.

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EVENT COVERAGE: Business Growth Show @ MWB Business Exchange

On November 4 2011 attended the Business Growth Show, an up-and-coming road show that brings together businesses of all sizes in fun and exciting ways.

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A guide to employment tribunals

Litigation, it’s a word that strikes fear in to the heart of business owners and causes concern and anxiety for those involved. However it doesn’t have to. Learning how the tribunal process works and how it could affect you if you are called as a witness will make the process a bit easier and less scary, writes Zuraida Curtis, Regional Litigation Manager at Croner.

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One minute interview: Matthew Lawn - Football Squirts

Matthew Lawn was motivated to start Football Squirts following time spent in the USA coaching football to children. Upon returning to the UK, he researched the market and found that while numerous companies offered coaching to older children, there was a niche in the under-six age category. Lawn set up Football Squirts in 2008 and talks to inspiresme about his entrepreneurial journey so far.

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How to protect your intellectual property rights

Protecting your intellectual property is essential to remaining profitable. Our guide explains the many ways in which you can get protection including patents, trademarks and ensuring your products are first-to-market.

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