Setting up as a sole trader

Setting up as a sole trader is the easiest and quickest way to start your own business. The administrative burden is minimal but you will need to notify HMRC that you’re self-employed.
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Introduction to mobile marketing

This article was written by Yoav Farbey, computer science graduate and analyst for Hailo Network, which matches passengers and licensed taxi drivers using mobile technologies. He is also founder of mobile marketing agency Fibixio. Fibixio uses a wide range of mobile marketing technologies, including SMS marketing and mobile applications, to generate...
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Q&A: Daniel Thomas -

Daniel Thomas, 23, launched hot tub site five years ago and has since managed to grow his business into the UK’s largest online hot tub retailer. Starting as a one man band in 2006 Daniel has grown the Nottingham-based firm to four employees and expects to turn over more than £1 million this year.
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Case study: driving growth in cultural sectors with Counterculture Partners

Counterculture Partners provides advice and guidance to cultural, creative and third sector organisations to encourage them to plan, manage and thrive. Advice is offered on a range of topics including strategy, finance, governance and project management. The founders all have a wealth of experience in the cultural and creative business sectors and are...
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Best advice you've ever been given?

Entrepreneurs tell us what the best advice they've ever been given is.
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Why should I start a business?

Entrepreneurs around the world start new businesses every day, but are they doing so for the right reasons? The driving force behind entrepreneurship varies widely between individuals; the wrong driving force can often lead businesses in the wrong direction. A healthy driving force will help breed progressive decision-making, the right attitude and the potential for business success.

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Starting a fashion label

Fashion is worth £21 billion annually to the UK economy, making it an exciting and lucrative industry to work in. It also influences spending across many other sectors, estimated to be worth £37 billion. Not only does the fashion industry stimulate the economy but it’s also the largest employer of all creative industries: 816,000 people are employed across a wide range of jobs.

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Tips to help you control stock

Maintaining adequate stock levels is essential to running a successful business – these tips will help you avoid overspending and underspending on stock.

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OPINION: What is the true cost of lost data to business?

There is a certain sweat inducing twist in the stomach that is reserved solely for the moment any individual realises they have just lost digital data to…well, to wherever that seemingly priceless information disappears after the combustion of a hard drive or a misplaced, absent-minded tap of the delete key.

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Q&A: Camilla Shaughnessy - Eventful Stays

Camilla Shaughnessy, 49, is the founder and director of luxury accommodation website, which lists its private properties, all available for short breaks or weekend stays, by events taking place across the UK. Her background is in consultancy, and until recently she was the managing director of Malachi Consulting Limited, which she founded in 1994. In August 2010 she left the running of Malachi in the capable hands of her husband John and turned her back on the corporate world for good to devote her time and energy to creating Eventful Stays. We catch up with Camilla to talk about Eventful Stays and life as an entrepreneur.

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    Case study: FreshCig uses technology to offer an alternative to smoking

    Ben Wilson is the founder of FreshCig, a company that produces and markets electronic cigarettes. He talks to about the challenges of...
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    How does Quantitive Easing work and will it make a difference to SMEs?

    The UK’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) is determined to inject as much as £100bn into the economy, with a further £50-75bn in February 2012. Jamie Jemmeson...
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    How to carry out a risk assessment

    Risk assessments are essential health and safety procedures that allow you to mitigate risk in the workplace. They do not have to be overly-complex; thoroughness...
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    Case study: eCommerce helps Truffle Shuffle take on the retro t-shirt market

    Vintage T-shirt vendor Truffle Shuffle started trading in 2004 and has grown to be a significant player in the retro t-shirt market. They implemented mobile...
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    Case study: Cassius Management punching above its weight

    Philip Ercolano certainly showed early potential for success. In 1999, at the tender age of 17, he was signed by talent supremo Simon Fuller, the man behind...
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    Guide to invoice factoring

    Large businesses are notoriously bad at paying the invoices of smaller ones. However, one option to speed up cash flow is invoice factoring. However, there...